The "Family History Library" of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT, USA - Report from my visit  
On March 11, 2006 I had the opportunity to visit the Family History Library,which is run by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS in Salt Lake City. Shortly after my arrival at the airport I got into a conversation with the bus driver on the way to my hotel. In the Library I should absolutely talk to "Wolf" and give him greetings from "Fred, the bus driver". Fred insisted on taking me along free of charge; after all, I was from "out of town".

It seemed to me as though the people in Salt Lake City, more than anywhere else,  have maintained a pleasant friendliness and openness.

The next morning, I first wanted to become acquainted with the city. So I walked around Temple Square, the spiritual (and probably also economic?) center of town. The main church of the Mormons dominates the picture:
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